Our releases are available at the following link :

2018 / Skymark – Virtual Stars / MSLP-007

An album of late 70’s early 80s influenced / new era Boogie, Disco and Jazz fusion performed and recorded by Skymark with his ARP, Moog, Prophet, Korg and Roland synthesizers.

2016 / Skymark – Résistance Sonore / MSLP-006

Following the wheels of “Primeiras Impressōes” and “Waves from the Nucleus”, Marc Friedli aka Skymark is back with another Brazilian Fusion, Spiritual Jazz, Soulful disco album composed, performed and recorded alone in Rio de Janeiro between 2015 and 2016.


2015 / Skymark – Waves From The Nucleus / MSLP-005

“Waves From The Nucleus” is a mixture of Spiritual Jazz, Brazilian Fusion, Soul, Disco and Boogie, composed, played and recorded by Skymark with his electric piano and old synths, with the vocals of Jair Santiago.


2013 / Skymark – Primeiras Impressões / MSLP-004

“A brazilian Jazz fusion oriented LP, full of rhodes, analog leads, strings, intense piano chords and spiritual percussion. All songs composed and played by Skymark” 


2012 / Skymark – Healing Process / MSEP-003

“A deep house project featuring Jair Santiago on the vocals, this EP contains also the Jazz theme “Prelude to the Mizells”


2011 / Skymark – Deep Soul Revisited vol 2 / MSLP-002

Skymark - Deep soul revisited vol 2 LP (released in 2011)

“An underground hip hop raw mpc instrumental album stricly done with samples taken from soul bands from the late 60s and early 70s. Ghostface Killah (Wu-Tang Clan) took a track from the volume 1 to release his song “Stay” in november 2009.”


2009 / Skymark – The Sound of Silence / MSLP-001

Skymark - The Sound of Silence LP (released in 2009)

“Our first release, a mixture of new soul, deep house, hip hop, spiritual jazz featuring Blackspade, Ovasoul 7, Joseph Junior. Aaron J. Washington”


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